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Artemis (Movement 2 from Ellipses)

Artemis (Movement 2 from Ellipses)

Artemis is the 2nd movement from my 12 movement work for soprano, woodwind quartet & string quartet entitled Ellipses. It is a complete setting of the poetry collection of the same name, by poet Maria McManus and features the wonderful soprano, Caroline Joy Clarke.

Celebrating the wonders of the night sky, the poems and music are dedicated to the astro-scientist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell (b. 1943, Armagh), and to Archbishop Richard Robinson who founded the Armagh Observatory in 1790.

Lasting approximately one hour, the composition of Ellipses was made possible and supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Department for Communities through the Individuals Emergency Resilience Programme. My sincere thanks to them for their generous support.




a sun-glass for a lens
a candle box as camera
the handle of a silver spoon as plate,
and, this scout
this visitor from afar, arriving first 
brought these, his offerings
á la mode, in vogue

to Artemis.
Given she
the goddess
of the moon,
the hunt,
the wilderness

to a close-up –
we have
(an image/ candid /enigmatic/ full of /contradictions)
her portrait
for posterity.



Released July 20, 2021


Composed & produced by Keith Acheson

Mixed & Mastered by Keith Acheson

Cover Image courtesy of Reshot

Soprano: Caroline Joy Clarke

Words: Maria McManus


© All rights reserved

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